Balloon Fiesta Traffic!

Project: Company Email 

Objective: To influence chief manufacturing executive of company to move scheduled maintenance plant shutdowns to coincide with annual Balloon Fiesta to address hardship and logistics problems among plant employees. 

To: <email recipient>

From: <email sender>

Subject: Balloon Fiesta Traffic

Good morning <first name>,

Because you appreciate our plant’s hard work, and have a vested interest, I’m writing this to you.

This last Balloon Fiesta was very difficult for our employees at <company name>, and every year it’s the same thing.

The Issues:

  • The employees wake up earlier than normal, 3:00 or 4:00 A.M.!
  • They attempt to beat the busy Balloon Fiesta traffic.
  • The police don’t always pay attention to the business pass displayed in their windshield, and reroute them a different way.
  • Coming to work during the Balloon Fiesta often causes them to be late.
  • They have to wait around in the break room until the shift starts, for at least one to two hours.

Every year there’s a scheduled shutdown, and never during the Balloon Fiesta! No one addressed this issue, not in the last quarterly meeting. 

Possible Solutions:

  • Schedule the annual shutdowns to coincide with the Balloon Fiesta.
  • Arrange for group transportation where all employees who have to work during the Balloon Fiesta can carpool, or take a rented city bus for the duration of the 2 week event.
  • Reroute the pathway for <company name> employees to go around most of the traffic, perhaps to have access from I-25 to <company name>. The Balloon Fiesta Committee and area businesses could agree on a special route.

In Conclusion:

We as employees understand that there are logistical problems with the entire route during the Balloon Fiesta. We also understand that as a business, we can’t just stop production for this event, and must continue being productive. But we also understand that this last Balloon Fiesta preceded a shut down performed later in the same month! Why couldn’t our company shutdowns coincide with the Balloon Fiesta? This solution makes the most sense, not only from a business standpoint, but from a logistics standpoint as well.

The frustration and the potential problems related to our having to commute to work (in the very heart of the Balloon Fiesta traffic) can be avoided if we work together to find a solution. Or, as seems to be the case year after year, no one will really care how the employees feel, and they’ll just have to ‘suck it up’ once again. On the other hand, this could be an opportunity to show how <company name> truly values their employees, and the hard work that they already put out, by doing something that can offset this frustrating time.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.



<name of sender>.