Micronix (about page)

Project: About page for Micronix Semiconductors.

Objective: To promote the company as an emerging business within the semiconductor industry, bringing the highest value to their customers and stakeholders. And to do so conscientiously toward environmental concerns.


About Us


Micronix is committed to providing our customers with pristine semiconductors for multiple applications across all technological fields, while maintaining the highest profitability toward our stakeholders and global partners.


Our aim is to excel in the industry as an emerging company. And this is by having a competitive edge in manufacturing and innovative technology. To have a preeminent place in business, facing the challenges of today’s market and tomorrow’s world.



Our customers are the number one priority, and the quality of all our products reflect that. Our employees and partners, too, are no less important, as without them, we could never reach our goals together.

Environmental Impact 

The commitment we have to reducing our environmental impact is one that is proven given our conformity to, and certification of ISO 14001.  



Having our beginnings in Madison, WI, we have emerging plants and partnerships worldwide, such as Singapore, and Taiwan.