Payment and Refund Policy

This statement regards the payment and refund policy of all services of Bahrman Writing, whether listed or unlisted, on this or any other related website.   

Payment Policy

Below is a statement that explains our payment policy.

Pricing Method:

The primary pricing method is by the project, but other forms of pricing are possible, such as a monthly or an hourly rate, depending on the type or nature of the project and agreed on prior to work commencing.

Price Quote, Invoice and Retainer Fees: 

Booking with Bahrman Writing secures the agreed on date and time slot, and occurs when the client agrees  by electronically signing the price quote, though an indication to move forward via email also amounts to an agreement.

An invoice will be sent once the price quote is accepted, containing the 50% retainer fee. Once the invoice is sent, the client must pay within 2 weeks of receiving it. If the invoice is not paid within 2 weeks, the time slot and agreement are forfeit. 

Most agreements entered upon with Bahrman Writing require a 50% retainer fee which serves to book the time-slot, or as a fee in the event of cancelation.

Lengthier projects (extending a month or more) may be spread out into 3 payments at the client’s request, or in accord with prior agreements: a 30% retainer, another 30% halfway through the project, and then 40% when the project is completed.

The retainer fee is due upfront prior to commencement of any project.  

Payment Methods:

The third party payment methods currently used by Bahrman Writing are Cash App Business and Stripe. Other methods may be potentially used in the future (such as Apple Pay, Zelle, etc). I do not typically use Paypal or Venmo, but if that’s the client’s preferable method, I’m set up for that.

A link to our Make a Payment page will be provided on our invoice sent to you via email. You may select whatever payment gateway as is currently available on that page.

Please see our Service Terms page to understand our policies regarding third party sites.

If the client prefers to send check or money order instead, please write it out to “Leon Bahrman”, and send it to:

Leon Bahrman

6005 Alta Monte NE

Albuquerque, NM 87110  

Taxes (New Mexico):

I charge a gross receipts sales tax on all services provided by Bahrman Writing, but only locally (New Mexico residents or businesses only). This is per my current understanding of business tax law. If in the future I do charge or suspend charging a sales tax, it will be in accordance to applicable laws, and clearly stated here.

Abandoned Price Quotes:

In the event that a price quote goes either unsigned (the Word document itself), or that the client makes no other indication to move forward with the agreed on project within one month from its receipt, the price quote is forfeit.    

Unpaid Invoices:

Payment of an invoice is typically due within two weeks of its being sent. The invoice will be sent within the agreed upon timeframe.

If a greater amount of time is needed, we can work this out, or a new invoice can be issued closer to your budgetary needs.

If the invoice is not paid within 2 weeks period from its sent date, the project and/or deal will be considered null and void unless other arrangements are agreed upon.


Two revisions are allowed as needed. Afterward, any other revisions for web design, content, copywriting, video projects or any other applicable service not listed here, will be charged to the client.

Typos, spelling errors, or execution based on misunderstood information will not be charged to client, and is not considered a ‘revision’.


In the event of a cancelation, the retainer fee (50% or other agreed on initial percentage) will be automatically applied as a cancelation fee.

If the cancelation occurred prior to retainer fee payment being received, but the price quote was signed and/or otherwise agreed on (indicated by electronic or verbal communication), then the client is bound by all applicable laws.

If the client cancels after work has been started or is near completion due to dissatisfaction, the remainder of any unpaid fees will be fairly readjusted based on the work and effort, and/or hourly rate, put into the project, and charged the client. If the dissatisfaction is due to the fault of Bahrman Writing, the lesser rate will factor this in.   

Refund Policy

Refund requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

The 50% (or other) retainer fee is non-refundable, and may serve as a cancelation fee.

If the client postpones the project start date, I will do my best to accommodate the new date. The retainer fee will simply be applied to the new date. No new fee will be charged beyond what was already agreed on in the original price quote and/or invoice. In the event that an agreeable time slot cannot be found, the retainer can be applied to a future date, and any additional fees paid will be refunded back to the client.  

If for any unforseen reason, such as an illness or emergency, and the service cannot be performed by Bahrman Writing, I will then refund the retainment fee, and any other following payments, but will then have no further liability in respect to the contract or agreement.

Or, the retainer may be credited toward a future project (same or other of equivalent value), with any remaining balances to be factored in a new price-quote/invoice prior to commencement of the postponed or new project. 

How refunds are paid:

The client must send in writing, whether by letter, or else via email their request for a refund. They may at that time arrange for how they want the money refunded, whether through the same app used in their original payment, or any other venue we agree on. 

When refunds are paid:

All refunds will be paid promptly within 30 days or less.

By using and/or interacting with Bahrman Writing via this website or email, you are thereby acknowledging and agreeing to all the terms given above.