Terms of Use/Privacy Policy

This statement includes the use of all services of Bahrman Writing, whether listed or unlisted, on this or any other related website.    

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Legality and Ethics: Interactions with any of these services, including content and blog articles, are not suggestive of legal, medical, business, or financial advice. This includes any content, external links, or material written on this website, or those of the customers/clients of Bahrman Writing.

All written content and/or copy is to be taken strictly as the opinion and/or creative lisence of Leon Bahrman and Bahrman Writing, and given from a non-professional standpoint in the respective areas.

All services related to Bahrman Writing are performed to assist the client in communicating from a technical standpoint whatever business, service, or message that the customers themselves promote.

Interaction by Bahrman Writing with any website or its related businesses do not constitute agreement, affiliation or approval with the same, but is strictly business.

Privacy Policy: Any and all information given to and or received from yourself will be kept private with the utmost confidence in accordance to all applicable laws, and will not be for any reason shared knowingly with a third party.

Neither myself, Bahrman Writing, its website, nor any related venues of communication cannot be guaranteed nor held liable to be completely secure from the actions of prying third party entities.

Service Terms: Payments are done primarily through Cash App Business, Stripe or Apple Pay, or through other possible prearranged and agreed upon venues. These are third party sites. Neither myself, nor Bahrman Writing are responsible for your experiences with any third party site. Please familiarize yourself with their terms of service, privacy and security policies.

Your Use of My Website Content

Material as here available on my website, such as the blogs, and various pages where teaching and doctrine are made available (as may be in my Portfolio), can be used, copied, and disseminated for non-profit purposes. If this is done, please cite your sources, and give credit back to myself.

Bahrman Writing is a separate entity from Leon Bahrman Ministries and Artful Acquisitions, and neither are liable for the dissatisfaction in regards to the other. Each are ‘stand-alone’ entities, and will be regarded as such. My policy is that neither entity necessarily crosses over into the other, unless it is mutually agreed to by the client and myself. 

By using and/or interacting on this website or via email, you are thereby acknowledging and agreeing to all the terms of service given above.