Now I Know


A time of setting oneself apart: a sanctification of body and mind. You are a vessel to the pure water, a container of holy oil. Be clean, be holy: set apart for the work.

The body bathed in water pure; the soul elevated as a bird in flight. Knowing, knowing.

Appearing stars- can you count them? No matter. Glory upon glory: pairings of light forming a circle. In this place two meet, Lord bestowing insight, eyesight, opening the eyes of the heart- and the servant, the receptive vassal.

Nurturing seed conceived in heart’s womb: breath upon breath, light upon light. O, Holy Night! A birth, a song, finally one belongs: the Child caught up to celestial throne. Alone, all alone, as one seeks respite from dragon’s frown.

No worries, and no fear, as the child becomes a man, nay, Perfect Man- and the developed Pearl has become full grown.

Full of light, have we arrived? Before looms the Supreme Veil, black as luminous Night. Enter one might, but to emerge again is not the foresight.

Not as shadow’s plight, nor yet as earth’s might; but the emergence of an altogether auspicious Light.

A luminous descent from mountain’s peak brightens the valley low. Flowers blooming: reflective planes eager for the revelatory glow.

Now I know, now I know.

Leon Bahrman.

December 17, 2012.