Your Vision is my Mission!

The services that I provide are:

 Web Design – Whether you need a website built from scratch or an existing site upgraded for functionality and appearance, I have the solutions for your business or company. These services may include:

  • Custom Website Design: Designing unique websites tailored to clients’ brand identity and requirements.
  • Website Redesign: We’ll give your existing website a fresh look, improved functionality, and an enhanced user experience.
  • Content Creation/Copywriting: We’ll develope compelling and relevant text, images, and multimedia content for a website while keeping with your particular brand and message. Copywriting uses persuasive language and storytelling techniques to connect with the target audience and persuade the visitor to take the desired actions.
  • Responsive Designs: Creating websites that work seamlessly across various devices and screen sizes.
  • CMS Integration: Integrating content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal for easy content updates.
  • UI/UX Design: Designing user-friendly interfaces and optimizing user experiences for better engagement.
  • Logo and Branding: Designing logos and brand elements that reflect the client’s identity and integrating them into the website.
  • Social Media Integration: We’ll create a seamless connection between the website and the client’s social media profiles.
  • Typography and Color Scheme: Selecting appropriate fonts and color palettes to enhance the website’s aesthetics and readability.
  • Image and Graphics Optimization: Optimizing images and graphics for faster loading times and improved performance.
  • E-commerce Design and integration: Designing user-friendly online stores with intuitive navigation and compelling product displays.
  • Landing Page Design: Creating effective landing pages for specific campaigns or promotions.

Website Maintenance Services – Peace of mind enables you to do what’s important to you, run your business. This service is provided for periods of time at reasonable rates. What this service entails:

Basic Services

  • Content Updates: Regularly updating website content, including text, images, and multimedia elements.
  • Bug Fixes and Troubleshooting: Identifying and resolving technical issues and bugs on the website.
  • Security Updates: Applying security patches and updates to protect the website from vulnerabilities.
  • Backup Restoration: Implementing regular backups and having a strategy for restoring the website in case of data loss.
  • Performance Optimization: Monitoring and improving website speed and overall performance.
  • SEO Optimization: Implementing search engine optimization techniques to improve the website’s visibility on search engines.
  • Platform and Plugin Updates: Keeping the website’s underlying platform (like WordPress) and plugins up to date. 

Full Services (including basic above)

  • Analytics Integration: Integrating tools like Google Analytics to track website traffic, user behavior, and other important metrics.
  • Domain and Hosting Management: Assisting clients with domain registration, hosting setup, and ongoing management.
  • Platform and Plugin Updates: Keeping the website’s underlying platform (like WordPress) and plugins up to date. 
  • Content Strategy: Advising clients on content strategies to keep their websites relevant and engaging.
  • User Experience Enhancement: Continuously improving the user experience based on feedback and changing trends.
  • Consultation and Training: Providing guidance and training to clients on how to manage and update their websites effectively.
  • Responsive Testing: Regularly checking the website’s responsiveness across various devices and browsers.
  • Regular Audits: Conducting periodic website audits to identify areas for improvement and optimization.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization: Analyzing user behavior to make design adjustments that improve the website’s conversion rates.

Web Copy – Failure to communicate on your website can kill sales, and drive away potential business. Using SEO and key words, I reword what you intended to say, improving your site’s performance.

Blogs – I can write on several topics: marketing, informational, legal, medical, healthy living or entertainment articles, just let me know. My writing is conversational, as I efficiently and poignantly convey the points you wish to make.

Email  – You may have clients or customers who need to regularly hear from you. Types of email copy may include welcomes, offers, surveys, newsletters, lead generation follow-up, sales funnels, onboarding, content emails/advertorials, and direct email sales.

Case Studies – Everyone loves a good story, and I’m sure your prospective clients/customers want to hear yours. A case study is a company’s testimonial, from it’s beginning struggles to where it is today. I can ghostwrite this piece in your name, for you or one of your clients.

Sales Pages – Sales page copy will have a specific target audience for each industry. Each niche will have its own target audience, and hence its own language, and I can write these to get you the sales that you deserve. 

White Papers – I can write in depth reports detailing problems and their solutions in a persuasive way. These are research-driven, with a text-heavy and formal tone, a particular expertise of mine.

Ghost Writer – This is anonymous freelance writing, where you or your client get the credit. This may be a website, writing add, whether journalistic, literary or business copy. I write or rewrite your piece to better reflect your intended thought or idea. This could be for personal or professional use. I will write high quality content that reads professionally. This may include book proposals, or rewriting published material. 

Magazine Articles – These can be cover stories, features, how-to articles, product or travel reviews. The articles can be between 800-1500 words long. I write with a sensitivity to SEO, and a well researched knowledge of the subject. Each article will have relevant photos or illustrations to accentuate the piece.

Social Media Management – I will lead your business or company social media strategy, to boost your visibility and customer/client engagement. This may include Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. This will increase your web-presence, traffic, and your bottom line.

Resume Writing – Whether you need an entry level, mid-level or executive resume, I can word it to where you’re in the most prime position to get the job. I can also write cover letters, follow-up letters and thank you letters, as well.

Screen Writing – If you have a story to tell and wish it to become a play or a made for television movie or film, I can transform it into a screenplay format. 

Explainer Videos – If you wish to create a 60 or 90 second explainer video, featuring your products or services, these can be done as an animation video (2d or 3d), motion graphics, whiteboard animation, or screencast, I have your solution.

Marketing Consultation – This service involves providing expert guidance and strategic insights to businesses and individuals seeking to improve their marketing efforts. I will assess your current marketing strategies, goals, target audience, and related industry trends. We will then come up with tailored recommendations, actionable plans, and creative ideas to enhance your marketing initiatives. This service covers various aspects of marketing, such as branding, digital marketing, social media, content strategy, advertising, and more.  

Ad Creation – We will design and develop visual and textual content for advertising campaigns across various platforms. This service may include crafting attention-grabbing headlines, persuasive copy, and visually appealing graphics or videos that align with your brand’s messaging and goals.     

If any of these areas match your needs, Let’s Work Together! Is there something else? I may be able to help.

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