Anxiety and Depression in Uncertain Times

By Leon Bahrman If you’ve been feeling lonely, anxious, isolated and depressed, you are not alone! We’ve all felt these things in varying degrees since at least February of 2020. This isn’t a dismissal of how you’ve been feeling, though! Unfortunately, we’re all in the midst of a global mental health crisis, unseen in the Read More

Could ADHD be a Misdiagnosis?

Why Evaluations are so Essential By Leon Bahrman Your child begins showing signs that make you wonder if he or she has ADHD. He may have difficulty paying attention, is hyperactive, and acts impulsively. Your insurance company may be willing to pay for a standard doctor visit, but it avoids an evaluation. Why? According to Read More

Neurodegenerative Diseases

The importance of an early diagnosis   By Leon Bahrman Are you or a loved one showing signs of forgetfulness, or a change in thinking ability?  With neurodegenerative diseases, an early diagnosis is very important.  Neurodegenerative diseases are several conditions associated with dementia. This appears most in older folk, but sometimes presenting in younger people Read More

Ibn al-Arabi

Who was the Sheik al-Akbar? Ibn al-Arabi was born in Murcia (modern day Spain) in 1165 A.D. but grew up in Seville. As an adolescent spirituality and mysticism attracted him. He was but sixteen years of age when he first went into seclusion. During this time he had a deep spiritual awakening. He confounded the Read More

Neither Calvinist nor Arminian

For many years not knowing what an Arminian was, this was my belief. I come from Pentecostal and Charismatic circles, which typically tend to be Arminian. After suffering for years under this school of thought, there was finally a changing of my theology. I’ve now come to a different understanding, more scriptural, transcending this general Read More

Now I Know

  A time of setting oneself apart: a sanctification of body and mind. You are a vessel to the pure water, a container of holy oil. Be clean, be holy: set apart for the work. The body bathed in water pure; the soul elevated as a bird in flight. Knowing, knowing. Appearing stars- can you Read More